1977 / Exhibition of Visual Art

26 September – 15 October 1977

1977 was the first ever edition of EVA International, then known at Exhibition of Visual Art:

Catalogue introduction
"The 77 Exhibition was founded in January of this year and is planned as an annual event showing work by contemporary visual artists. The aim of the committee is to provide the public with an opportunity to visit and experience an exhibition not normally available in the region and, at the same time, to stimulate an awareness of the visual arts here."

Barrie Cooke, John Kelly, Brian King

James Allen, Brenda Andrews, Michael Ashur, Mark Balakjian, Laurence Bennett, Pauline Bewick, Ian Biddy, Dietrich Blodau, Vivien Bogan, Ursula Brick, Patricia Burke, (Miss) Phil Burke, Dairine Byrne, John Byrne, Phyllis Campbell, Vernon P. Carter,  Michael Coleman, Seamus Coleman, William Collins, Helen Comerford, Jack Comerford, Eilis O’Connell, Gillian Cowan,  Richard J. Croft, Lynda Cronin, Siobhan Cuffe, Cliodne Cussen, Ruth Cussen, Gerald Davis, Maurice Desmond, Jack Donovan, Veronica Evans, Mary Farl-Powers, Brian Ferran, Niall Finn, Anne Fitzgerald, Thomas Fitzgerald, T.P. Flanagan, Ronald Forbes, Paul Funge, Martin Gale, Rowan Gillespoe, Graham Gingles, Agnes Gornley, Alan Green, Rodger S. Hannan, Niall Harkin, Charles Harper, Patrick Harris, Sabina Harrison, Maurice Henderson, Kate Hennessy, Peter Johnson, Peter Kalkhof, S. Kennedy Norris, Cecil King, Gene Lambert, Terry Leahy, Frank Lee-Cooper, Ciaran Lennon, Pamela Leonard, Dacid Leverett, Thomas Liddane, David Lilburn, Matty Lough, Jim Manley, Derville McAuley, Daniel McCarthy, David McCormack, James McCreary, Ronald McDonald, Mrs Pat McLaughlin, Sean McSweeney, Kieran Meagher, Ron Melling, Derek Menary, Willem Minjon, Anna Moore, Henry Morgan, Paul Mosse, Robert Mulcahy, Padraig Murphy, Coilin Murray, John Murray, Evin Nolan, Michael O’Brien, Anthony O’Carroll, Charles O’Donovan, Daniel O’Gorman, James O’Halloran, Michael O’Neill, Michael O’Nuallain, Helena O’Sullivan, Rodger Palmer, Mary Peters, Janet Pierce, George Potter, Kathleen Quinliven, Thomas Quinn, Chris Reid, Ala Robb, Edward Roberts, Alice Roden, Nigel Rolfe, John Shinnors, Maria Simmonds-Gooding, Richard Slade, Geoff Steiner-Scott, Ian Sutherland, Veronica Tankowsky, Wendy Taylor, Donald Teskey, Benedict Tutty, Charles Tyrrell, Walter Verling, Lorraine Wall, Anthony Walsh, Samuel Walsh, Gordon Woods

Read the 1977 catalogue:


Municipal Art Gallery, Pery Square, Limerick
Cummins Gallery, 99 O’Connell Street, Limerick
National Institute for Higher Education, Castletroy, Limerick



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