Mainie Jellett

Mainie Jellett

Mainie Jellett, Abstract Composition, 1935, oil on canvas, 119.6 x 96.9 cm, Courtesy Crawford Art Gallery, Cork



Mainie Jellett (b.1897 – 1944, Ireland) was an Irish painter
whose Decoration (1923) was among the first abstract paintings shown in Ireland when it was exhibited at the Society of Dublin Painters Group Show in 1923. From the late 1920s until her death in 1944, Jellett was an international spokesperson for Irish modernism. She represented Ireland, as an artist, at the 1928 Olympic Games, was commissioned for works for the Glasgow Empire Exhibition in 1938 and for the Irish Pavilion at the New York World Fair in 1939, and was made founding chairman of the Irish Exhibition of Living Art in 1943.




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