Mina Talaee

Mina Talaee

Mina Talaee, Hair Headscarf, 2016, Kilim and crochet of the artist's and her mother's hair, 104.5 x 37.5 cm, courtesy the artist



Based in Tehran, Iran, Mina Talaee (b. 1985, Iran) is a visual artist and researcher. She has exhibited her artworks since 2003 in Iran, Europe, and the USA; mainly focusing on political, cultural and social issues such as gender equality and cultural hegemony in her artworks. Solo exhibitions include Haft Negah Art Exhibition, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran (2016); Norouz Art Show, Galerie Nicolas Flamel, Paris, France (2014); and Monument to Poet, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (2013). She has exhibited in groups exhibitions at Galerie Nicolas Flamel (2016, 2017).





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