Patricia Belli

Patricia Belli

Patricia Belli, Crisálida II., 1998, Garments sewn together, hanging from iron rod, Approx. 180 x 140 x 30 cm, Courtesy the artist



Patricia Belli (b. 1964, Nicaragua) is a visual artist who uses diverse media, with an emphasis on the crossing of mechanical and natural elements. Through this junction, she constructs ideas of unbalance. Belli founded the Space for Artistic Research and Reflection, EspIRA, an organization for the training of critical and intuitive capacities of artists. EspIRA has had a decisive influence on Central American art. Belli exhibits regularly in Central America, South America, the United States and Europe. A retrospective, anthological exhibition, curated by Miguel López, traveled to San José, Managua and Guatemala City between 2016 and 2017.





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