Top Lista Nadrealista

Top Lista Nadrealista



Top lista nadrealista (The Surrealists’ top chart), also known as Nadrealisti (Surrealists) was sketch comedy and variety show that aired on TV Sarajevo in three separate installments from 1984 to 1991. Originating from a fifteen-minute radio-comedy segment, it was broadcast as part of the weekly programme called Primus on Radio Sarajevo during the 1980s. Two television series were created, making household names of its protagonists throughout the former Yugoslavia, most notably Nele Karajlić and Branko ‘Đuro’ Đurić.


In the second and third series, Top lista nadrealista incorporated political satire along with depictions of people's attitudes in the country, often dealing with issues to do with the political situation, which was a prelude to the Yugoslav Wars. It held a clear pacifist attitude and often used absurdity and dark hyperbole when portraying the rising ethnic tensions and imminent war in the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The show became so popular that some of the language and phrasing used in the programme entered into the public vernacular.





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