Young EVA 2016

The Young EVA education programme was created in 1986 and presents a wide variety of educational and cultural programmes to schools in Limerick city and county, widely acknowledged as being the first encounter many future artists and arts professionals had with contemporary art in Limerick. These educational programmes have helped foster and develop younger audiences from the ages of 4–18 years, by encouraging engagement with and understanding of contemporary art.

For Young EVA 2016, Katy Fitzpatrick (Gallery Educator and Curator) and Aislinn O’Donnell (Philosopher and Educator) worked with participants from Scoil Mháthair Dé and Southill Le Chéile After School Service. This is the second time that Katy and Aislinn have worked with EVA and Limerick City Gallery of Art to materialise this project.

Over a period of seven weeks workshops took place both in the classroom and at exhibition venues throughout the city working with artist Alice Maher, concluding in a public workshop at Limerick City Gallery of Art, which is documented here. 

Still (the) Barbarians: A Symposium

12 and 13 July 2016
Belltable, 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick
Presented by EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial

The Still (the) Barbarians programme concluded with this symposium curated by Koyo Kouoh, supported by the Johann Jacobs Museum and in partnership with Limerick 2020.

The symposium featured a keynote lecture by Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith, performances by Yong Sun Gullach, and Larry Achiampong and David Blandy, with participants including Mary Evans, Prof. Luke Gibbons, Dr Declan Long, John Logan, Catalina Lozano, Dr Aislinn O'Donnell, Grant Watson, and a screening of Our Kind (2016) by Alan Phelan.

Still (the) Barbarians was the title of the 2016 edition of Ireland’s biennial of contemporary art curated by Koyo Kouoh, which was open to the public from 16 April to 17 July. Koyo Kouoh’s curatorial project, addressed artistic, architectural, poetic, and critical positions that interpret how colonialism, which continues to shape our present condition, has had an effect on the psyche, landscape, language, and imagination. Invasive disruptions of social, cultural, religious, and political orders have long been subject matter for artists, writers, filmmakers, architects, scientists, and activists, Still (the) Barbarians: A Symposium explored how artists respond to postcolonial legacies, while also looking more specifically at the lasting impact that colonialism has had on the Irish language.

Keynote: Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith with Q&A

Introduction by Koyo Kouoh and Alan Phelan


Post-Colony Talks: Introduction by Dr. Declan Long 


Post-Colony Presentation: Grant Watson 


Post-Colony Presentation: Catalina Lozano 

Post-Colony Panel Discussion 

Post-Colonial Legacy: Presentation by Yong Sun Gullach 

Post-Colonial Legacy: Presentation by Mary Evans

Post-Colonial Legacy: Panel Discussion 

Architecture and Memory Presentation: John Logan

Architecture and Memory Panel Discussion 

Closing Remarks by Prof. Luke Gibbons 

EVA International – Ireland's Biennial

39 years, 2,000 artists and over 1,000,000 visitors to EVA International. This video looks back at the history of EVA and towards the future whilst also introducing our #EVA16 curator Koyo Kouoh.

Still (the) Barbarians 2016

Take a look back at Still (The) Barbarians, which took place from 16 April - 17 July curated by Koyo Kouoh.

EVA International – Curatorial talk at the Belltable 16 April 2016

On the opening weekend of Still (The) Barbarians, a curatorial talk took place at the Belltable, Limerick 16 April 2016. Featured is Koyo Kouoh EVA International 2016 curator and curatorial assistants Eva Barois de Caervel and Noelle Collins.

Liam Gillick's And then...

Liam Gillick presented And then... a spoken word film festival that took pace every Thursday at Mother Mac's pub during the 2016 edition of the biennial, Still (the) Barbarians. Participants were invited to take the mic, bring a movie in their head and share the plot.

Yong Sun Gullach - Reenacting the Transnational Adoptee

Performance by Yong Sun Gullach at the 37th EVA International Biennial "Still (the) Barbarians" curated by Koyo Kouoh.
Produced by Tanja Wol. Please note this video is suggested for a mature audience. 

Documenting, Rewriting, Forgetting, Excavating: Doing History Justice

On Saturday 14 December 2013 EVA International presented:

Documenting, Rewriting, Forgetting, Excavating: Doing History Justice

The first of the prequel symposium series Artistic Justice: Positions on the Place of Justice in Art, leading towards EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial in 2014. This symposium was supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, was developed in partnership with Dar al-Ma’mûn, Marrakech and was presented in partnership with Mary Immaculate College, UL, Limerick.

Documenting, Rewriting, Forgetting, Excavating: Doing History Justice was curated by Omar Berrada, a writer and translator who grew up in Casablanca and lives between Morocco and France, at the invitation of EVA 2014 curator Bassam El Baroni.

Speakers: Filipa César, Carles Guerra, Declan Long, Model Court (represented by Oliver Rees and Lawrence Abu Hamdan)
Screening: Leila Kilani

Documenting, Rewriting, Forgetting, Excavating: Doing History Justice was the first in this series of public symposia and was situated at the intersection of art, history, and justice. It was concerned with the laws of history and the histories of justice, as they are seen through artists’ eyes, and as they are mediated by recording and exhibition techniques. The inaugural symposium took place in Limerick – home to EVA International – on 14 December 2013. The speakers tackled the various ways in which art grapples with justice and history, through practices of documenting, rewriting, forgetting, and excavating. They each focused on examples culled from specific historical and geographical contexts, which included: Post-Troubles art in Ireland; anti-colonial liberation struggles in Guinea-Bissau; The Equity and Reconciliation Commission in Morocco; The Rwandan Genocide seen through the eyes of Finnish lawyers; and the Spanish Civil War through the archives of a German writer. The symposium concluded with a screening of Nos lieux interdits (Our Forbidden Places), directed by Leila Kilani, 2008–9.

Introduction by Doreen Mende

Hadrien Laroche: Genet, Language, Violence

Paulo Tavares: Archaeology of Violence

Mercedes Azpilicueta: POW!

Carles Guerra - Artist's justice, "like a painter working alone in his studio"

Oliver Rees & Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Declan Long: Learning to Live with Ghosts...

Filipa César: Mined Soil

Final discussion with Denise Ferreira da Silva



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