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The 38th EVA International at IMMA

Thursday 5th April, 2018

Devised as ‘Cosmology of Exhibitions’ by Curator, Inti Guerrero, the 38th EVA International - Ireland’s Biennial of Contemporary Art takes place across various venues in Limerick city with an expanded programme to include IMMA, Dublin.

Works at IMMA include Locky Morris’s 1992 installation Comm which references the history of clandestine messaging between Republican prisoners during the conflict in Northern Ireland, Roy Dib’s Mondial 2010 which uses the video form itself to transgress sexual and territorial boundaries in the Middle East, and a sequence from Marlon T. Riggs’ seminal Tongues Untied film, exploring language in the African-American gay community. 

Presented as part of an exhibition and production partnership between EVA and IMMA, and curated by Inti Guerrero, this exhibition is a remote but integral segment of the biennial that takes place across various venues in Limerick from 14 April to 8 July 2018. Running from 6 April to 27 May 2018, the exhibition at IMMA will be launched with an introductory talk by EVA Curator Inti Guerrero. EVA International opens across other venues in Limerick city on 13 April and continues until 08 July 2018. 

Programming at IMMA also encompasses Production Residencies for artists Sam Keogh supported through the Arts Council Ireland’s Open Call programme and John Rainey to work on new commissions by EVA International. 

Introductory Talk
Introductory talk and conversation with EVA Curator Inti Guerrero, followed by an informal conversation between EVA Director Matt Packer and artist Locky Morris
Location: Lecture Room, IMMA
Date: Friday 06 April
Time: 1pm

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Image: Marlon T. Riggs, Tongues Untied, 1989, film, still, Photo: Ron Simmons, Courtesy of Signigyin' Works and Frameline Distribution



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