Public Programme

Image: Untitled (Limerick Docks) (2016) by Shane Serrano, courtesy of the artist.
Image: Untitled (Limerick Docks) (2016) by Shane Serrano, courtesy of the artist.

Artists Talks and Tours

Introductory Talk and conversation with Inti Guerrero, Matt Packer (Director/CEO, EVA) and Locky Morris (artist) 
Location: Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
Date: Friday 6 April
Time: 1pm
No Booking Required

An in conversation with Inti Guerrero
Location: Ormston House 
Date: Saturday 14 April
Time: 11am
No Booking Required
Walking Tour of The 38th EVA International
Featuring in situ talks by artists, including Adrian Duncan, Malala Andrialvidrazana, John Rainey, Dan Rees, and Marie-Claire Messouma Manlanbien.
Location: Various EVA venues 
Date: Saturday 14 April
Time: 12 noon
Tours are free but with limited capacity, booking in advance required. 


Tours of Arnacrusha Power Station
Location: Bus collection and return, outside St. Michael's Church, Barrington Street, Limerick
Wednesday 23 May, 1.50 pm BOOK
Friday 15 June, 09.20 am BOOK
Friday 29 June, 12.35 pm BOOK
Tours are free but with limited capacity, booking in advance required.

EVA International and Ormston House Collaborative Public Programme

EVA International has partnered with Ormston House to develop a collaborative public programme which highlights intertwining programmatic themes and research activities. Featured artists and projects include Kevin Gaffney, The Museum of Mythological Water Beasts, Stanzas, THEATREclub, and World Recipe Exchange.


Irish première of Far from the reach of the sun by Kevin Gaffney 
Ormston House is proud to host the Irish première of Far from the reach of the sun by Kevin Gaffney as part of the Public Programme for the 38th EVA International. Set in a near future, a corporation markets a drug that can alter your sexuality, targeting wealthy straight customers and vulnerable gay people. The film installation will be screened during the Limerick Pride LGBTQI+ Festival 2018.
Far from the reach of the sun is set in a near future where a government-approved drug can alter your sexuality, allowing you to be satisfied in ways that were not previously in your nature. The corporation marketing the drug targets vulnerable gay people who have checked into a cruising resort which doubles as a correctional facility. Advertisements present the pill as a party drug for wealthy straight customers who have burned out the experience economy – come take pleasure in marginalized sexual experiences without affecting your personality. The film revolves around the protagonists sharing their innermost thoughts and feelings; tumultuous worlds at odds with the power structures surrounding them.  


The Museum of Mythological Water Beasts 

The Museum of Mythological Water Beasts is a multi-year research project about, along and on the River Shannon. In 2018, Ormston House will commission a series of artworks by Ann Blake, Chris Boland, Mary Conroy, Ceara Conway, Emma Fisher, Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, Tom Watt and Tanad Williams, supported by the Arts Council of Ireland. To complement our shared focus on Limerick as a river city, Ormston House and EVA International will host a series of talks and events focused on conservation and preservation, facilitated by academic and non-academic experts in the fields of architecture, environmental science, history, and urban planning.




On 25 May 2018, Ireland will vote to repeal or retain the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. To mark this historic occasion, Ormston House and EVA International will host a special referendum edition of Stanzas’ Evening of Words on the theme: Vox Populi. Stanzas is a poetry-focused arts organisation which gives emerging writers a platform to perform their work in an open-mic environment and to print new writing via monthly hand-made chapbooks.



NOT AT HOME is a durational art campaign by Emma Fraser (Nine Crows) & Grace Dyas (THEATREclub) to make visible the experiences of women who travel abroad to access safe abortion services, to highlight the consequences of Ireland’s abortion laws and to connect women who have travelled in solidarity. Ormston House and EVA International will host a performance of NOT AT HOME (Best Production, Dublin Fringe Festival) ahead of Ireland’s referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution in May.


World Recipe Exchange 

World Recipe Exchange is a programme of food events based at Ormston House. The programme brings people together to explore the international culinary heritage of Limerick, and in 2018, World Recipe Exchange is participating in the European Year of Cultural Heritage. As well as cooking, tasting and sharing food, World Recipe Exchange are creating a database of recipes that originate from all corners of the world but are nowadays cooked side by side in the kitchens of our city. Ormston House and EVA International will co-commission a mobile unit to create a physical display of participants’ contributions from over 50 countries. The R&D phase of World Recipe Exchange is kindly supported by European Cultural Foundation and Limerick City and County Council.



EVA Speaks at LSAD

EVA Speaks at LSAD will take place every Monday from 9 April to 7 May, with EVA artists participating in a programme of public talks at Limerick School of Art and Design. More details to be announced. 



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